Banquets meniu

Cold dishes
Seafood “Ežys” 1 skewer
“Ežys“ with chicken 1 skewer
Infusion of the seafood 1kg
Infusion of the tongue 1 kg
Infusion of the chicken 1 kg
Stuffed Carp 1 kg
Stuffed Pike 1 kg
Stuffed chicken 1 kg
/ apricots / peaches / plums / nuts /
Pineapple stuffed with chicken 1 pcs.
Stuffed Melon with ham 1 pcs
Stuffed melon with chicken 1 pcs
Fried chicken 1 kg
Salmon -stereo paste 1 kg
Roasted stuffed pork neck 1 kg
/ plum / pepper / carrot /
Baked stuffed ribs „Kelmas“ 1 kg
Roasted pork ham 1 kg
Chicken Infusion 50 gr
Infusion of the tongue 50gr
Rolls with chicken 150gr
Pike in dough 150gr
Baskets with salad 1 pcs
“Valovanai” with piquant salad 1 pcs
“Valovanai” with red caviar 1 pcs
“Valovanai” with cheese – butter cream 1 pcs
Layered sandwich 1 pcs
/with salmon / shrimp / ham/
Sandwiches with salmon 1 pcs
/with smoked / with salted/
Sandwiches 1 pcs
/ham / bacon / herring /
Stuffed tomato with herring 1 pcs
Summer salads 300gr:
/variety of fresh vegetables, sunflower seeds, basil dressing/
Chicken salads 300gr:
/fried chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, leeks, Chinese cabbage, mayonnaise and soy sauce/
Homemade salads 350gr:
/”Daktariška” sausage, boiled carrots, boiled potatoes, eggs, pickles, canned peas, mayonnaise/
Tongue salads 300gr:
/beef tongue, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, Chinese cabbage, mayonnaise, tomato sauce/
Crab salads 350gr:
/sweet corn, cucumbers, rice, pepper, crab sticks, mayonnaise/
Tuna salads 350gr:
/canned tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, eggs, olives, balsamic dressing/
Greek salad 300gr:
/feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, blue onion, olives, lemon sauce/
Italian salad 350gr:
/roast beef, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, white bread, green beans, garlic, mustard and mayonnaise dressing/
Champignons with ham salads 300gr:
/champignons, ham, leek, mayonnaise/
“Pueblo” salads 300gr:
/roast beef, peppers, tomatoes, canned green peas, red onions, toasted white bread, mayonnaise – barbecue sauce/
Piquant salads 300gr:
/cheese, egg, garlic, mayonnaise/
Shrimp salads 350gr:
/shrimp, green peas, avocado, cucumber, lemon, cream cheese/
Cold snacks
Meat assorti 150gr
Vegetables assorti 250gr
Tongue with mayonnaise 100gr
Herring with rustic sauce 100 / 100gr
Herring with apples and leeks 100 / 100gr
Herring with peanut sauce 100 / 100gr
Herring with champignons 100 / 100gr
Salmon snack 100gr
Smoked pig ears 100gr
Cowboy snack 50gr./50gr/70gr/40gr/:
/”Medžiotojų” cheese, cheese, fried bread, smoked pig ears/
Fruit assorti 3kg
Negotiable prices.